RD United Kingdom

"I would like to give you a bouquet for your product. IT REALLY WORKS. I have used several of the other 'remedies' for 'smelly' feet, all to no avail. My son wears a particular brand of rubber shoes, and his feet used to STINK... now my son can take his shoes off in the lounge, believe me, before, he used to clear the lounge.

I am amazed that Gran's Remedy can 'cure' the smelliest of feet." "I am writing with regards to your GRAN'S REMEDY product ... I was amazed how successful it was in eliminating smell, even in my daily slogged running shoes! ... I have been working within the fitness industry, where everyday people complain of their 'smelly trainers'.

Now in England, the trend too persists, but the public here only have odour eaters to combat the smell. Your product is unique and needs to be introduced to many more helpless and rather needy people." "Would you please forward 12 Gran's Remedy For Strong Smelling Feet to the above address. I have purchased ... pharmacy which stocked this product and ... have a number of customers who think it is absolutely marvelous."

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