Testimonials From Our Clients

We don’t make a habit of putting words in our clients’ mouths. When it comes to their relationship with Gran's, we don’t have to: their own testimonials speak volumes.

AC, Essex England

"Whilst travelling in New Zealand last year I was fortunate enough to discover your product for smelly feet. "Grans Remedy". This happened when I had been given, at the time, an ultimatum by my girl friend that either my feet went or she did. As I was quite fond of both I took the pharmacists advice and am pleased to say that both my feet and I continue to go everywhere together, which is good as I had become quite attached to them, although my girlfriend left me in the summer for my best friend.

Anyway, I now fear that the power of GR will soon wear off and I am now looking for a new girlfriend, feel that it would only be fair to her (as well as getting my socks off) if my feet remained odour-less. I look forward, with held nose, to hearing from you."

RD United Kingdom

"I would like to give you a bouquet for your product. IT REALLY WORKS. I have used several of the other 'remedies' for 'smelly' feet, all to no avail. My son wears a particular brand of rubber shoes, and his feet used to STINK... now my son can take his shoes off in the lounge, believe me, before, he used to clear the lounge.

I am amazed that Gran's Remedy can 'cure' the smelliest of feet." "I am writing with regards to your GRAN'S REMEDY product ... I was amazed how successful it was in eliminating smell, even in my daily slogged running shoes! ... I have been working within the fitness industry, where everyday people complain of their 'smelly trainers'.

Now in England, the trend too persists, but the public here only have odour eaters to combat the smell. Your product is unique and needs to be introduced to many more helpless and rather needy people." "Would you please forward 12 Gran's Remedy For Strong Smelling Feet to the above address. I have purchased ... pharmacy which stocked this product and ... have a number of customers who think it is absolutely marvelous."

Carmen, Texas

When Carmen ordered she said "Please hurry! His feet are killing us!"

Later: "Grans remedies is a miracle!!! My son went on a school trip and used the powder and when he came back three days later his socks didn't smell bad--I accused him of not wearing them. His two year old sister got into the powder and spilled it so I need to order some more (for my husband)."

KC, Maryland USA

"I just wanted to write to you and let you know how thankful I am for your product. My boyfriend had the worst smelling feet, he would stink up the whole house everyday when he came home from work and took off his boots. We had tried everything to keep his feet from smelling so bad. Then I finally got on the internet and started searching for anything to try and help. I came across your web page and started reading what other people had written in.

I have to say at first I was skeptical, but then thought why not try it, it can't hurt. When I told my boyfriend what I had purchased he said I was crazy, that his feet had smelled that bad all his life and nothing would help. Well, I am here to tell you that I don't mind him coming home and taking his boots off in the living room anymore!!! I couldn't believe it, it really works and I have told so many people about your product. Again, I just wanted to thank you from me and my nose. Oh and yes my boyfriend thanks you too, now we can shop for shoes and not get embarrassed when he takes his shoes off."

PM, Wellington New Zealand

"your product really works! Months of relief from the incessant stench, and almost no athlete's foot problem at all (I still get the odd bit of dead skin, but not the smell) I can't believe how well it works. At last, I can come home at the end of the day, remove my boots & socks and wave my feet around with no reaction from my family. My dogs used to lick my feet after I had taken off my socks (they probably thought that I had been standing on one of their buried bones in the compost heap), but now they take no notice of my feet at all. Keep churning the stuff out!"

LG, China

"...is very effective on me, and my feet are not as sweaty and do not smell at all...I would definietly recommend your products to my friends."

B, South Africa

"My partner got some about two years ago from a cousin in NZ, and he swears by the stuff." 

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