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Gran's Remedy Original, Cooling & Scented Foot Powders

Gran's Remedy Original, Cooling & Scented Foot PowdersSmelly feet are the butt of many jokes. But having smelly feet and footwear is no laughing matter & it's a highly embarrassing condition that can cause the sufferer to feel self-conscious and stressed.

Foot odour control

The main thing that feeds foot odour is sweat. With more than 250,000 sweat glands each, your feet are one of the parts of the body that perspire most.  In one day, each foot can produce more than a pint of sweat! Sweat is basically just salt and water, so it doesn't have a distinctive smell. The smell is actually caused by bacteria on our skin that feed on the sweat, and excrete waste, which has a strong odour.

Sweat, bacteria growth & a bad smell

Wearing the same pair of shoes every day means that sweat builds up inside the shoes. This keeps the shoes moist, contributing to the production of excessive perspiration, bacterial growth and often, an unpleasant smell. If your footwear is left to dry for a few days, the smell usually fades away. But once you put the footwear on again, the warmth returns and so does the bad smell.

Effective treatment for smelly feet

Independent research has shown that Gran's Remedy is 100% effective for actively treating all five of the bacteria and fungi known to cause smelly feet and footwear. Gran's Remedy treats the feet and shoes at the same time.


International Orders

Owing to supply contracts, we cannot supply direct to all countries.  Please see the Store page for more information.

Gran's Remedy Original Powder.
Gran's Remedy Cooling Powder with Peppermint oil.
Gran's Remedy Scented Powder with Citrus Plaisir..
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