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Gran's Remedy is manufactured in New Zealand and exported worldwide to countries such as the Australia; Japan; Korea; UK; USA; and parts of Asia & Europe. The products are marketed and sold in New Zealand by Pharmabroker Sales Ltd, Auckland. Export sales are by Grans International Limited co-ordinated through the Dunedin dispatch centre.

In New Zealand Gran's Remedy Foot Powder has been the market leader in its category for many years.  New Zealand retail sales exceed $1 million dollars (NZ) p.a.

Using a traditional remedy handed down through the generations, Gran's Remedy today is a leader in the development of Smelly Feet and Footwear products.

From humble beginnings in 1982, when the first batches of Gran’s Remedy were hand made in a sterilized mixer, Gran's has grown to distribute over 1.5 million units of it’s famous Powder variants throughout the world. Please check out what our happy customers say to assure yourself that Gran’s products are a genuine long lasting solution to the problem of Smelly Feet and Footwear.

Grans Remedy Product Info

Gran's Remedy for Smelly Feet and Footwear is a unique blend of powders that treats the problem of smelly feet or foot odour, rather than masking it.

Sprinkle a spoonful (spoon included in the pottle) of Gran's Remedy into the footwear you use each day, for seven consecutive days or until the powder is used up. Shall leave your feet, shoes and socks odour-free for up to six months. Footwear that you wear intermittently, such as sports shoes, should be treated each time they are worn until the powder is used up.

Ingredients: Potassium Aluminium Sulphate,, Zinc Oxide, Zinc Undecylenate, Talc, Manuka Oil, Kawakawa Oil.

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