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Gran's story


In 1982, Gran's Remedy had its humble beginnings right in Gran's own kitchen. Her grandson's friend, Wayne, used to visit after school, but there was a persistent issue: he would always leave his smelly shoes at the front of the house, resulting in an unpleasant foot odour wherever he went.

Luckily, Gran was aware of an old family remedy that destroys foot odour and absorbs sweat. Taking matters into her own hands, she quickly whipped up a batch of the formula and, just like magic, the smell vanished!

As her grandson and his friend grew older, they continued to rely on Gran's home remedy and realised that it shouldn't remain a secret confined to just them. Recognising that this was a common problem faced by many, Wayne made the decision to bottle up Gran's Remedy and share it with the world. Gran’s Remedy grew and became a household brand from a trusted Gran.

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History of Gran's Remedy

  • 1982 Timeline Image

    Wayne's grandmother helps him find a solution to his embarrassing smelly feet. Wayne's wife makes the blended powder in their kitchen.

  • 2001 Timeline Image

    First tub of Gran's Remedy is manufactured in Auckland, New Zealand.

  • 2003 Timeline Image

    Gran's start to export overseas and builds a reputation as a super effective foot odour eliminator.

  • 2018 Timeline Photo

    Gran's Remedy joins the Endeavour Consumer Health family

  • 2020 Timeline Image

    Gran's Remedy becomes a household name worldwide

  • 2021

    NZ #1 brand in foot odour treatment

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