Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Gran's Remedy work?

Independent Research has shown that Gran’s Remedy is effective for actively targeting the bacteria known to cause smelly feet and footwear.

Which product is right for me?

  • Our tubs are perfect for long-lasting, frequent use for the entire household.
  • Our shakers are a convenient option for use both at home or on-the-go.
  • Our spray are a travel-friendly, mess-free solution that perfect for discrete application.

How do I know my Gran's Remedy purchase is authentic?

We have scannable QR codes on all of our products. Just make sure you scan to authenticate before purchasing. 

Do I apply the product on my feet?

No, with all Gran's Remedy products, you apply them on your shoes after wearing them.

How many sprays required per application for the Gran's Remedy Spray?

Approx. 3 sprays per shoe - enough to cover the internal surface.

Where can I buy Gran's Remedy products?

Check out our Where to Buy page, to find your nearest stockist.

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