Here is a collection of Gran's Remedy video clips produced for various media outlets.

The "Raw" clip below was made for Korean TV Home Shopping Channel

This is a clip produced by Grans USA Distributor, Honest Products,


MDM is Grans International Limited's European agent.  Their main product is an 
antiperspirant.  More recently MDM have added Grans Footpowder to their range,
marketing it under their "Odaban Label".  The two ads below were part of MDM's
German TV campaign during the later part of 2011.

Basically the spot tells the story about a very popular young guy (his name is Axel). Axel
has a double meaning in German, it is a German given name but is also an expression
for the armpit. The translation would be the following:

“This is Axel. Axel is a popular guy. But Axel has a problem. He sweats very strong and
this you can either see and smell. (The bunch of friends is leaving him) But now Axel
dis-covered ODABAN. ODABAN the effective treatment against perspiration problems,
available in your pharmacy. With money back guarantee. “

“The reminder says: And now new in pharmacies: ODABAN foot & shoepowder: stops
even the toughest smelly feet and footwear.“

Upcoming New Zealand TV Clip:

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